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My name is Joe Martone and I manage Industrial Design for Prestige Consumer Healthcare in Tarrytown New York. I have a history of leading design and packaging teams with a focus on brand and innovation culture.
I am an expert in manufacturing processes and materials, research methods and design principles.

I create value by uncovering end user problems and creating meaningful solutions that leverage both technology and brands.







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“Joe is one of those guys that you want on your team. He always looks at both sides of the issue with objective decisive judgement. He is easy to get along.He is the calming force in groups that are riddled with difficult people. He is a creative thinker that has several award winning products in his tenure.  I recommend him as a smart creative thinker.”


Mays Mayhew Camarata

Good design:

  • Should be innovative

  • Should make a product useful

  • Is aesthetic design

  • Will make a product understandable

         Dieter Rams

  • Is honest

  • Is unobtrusive

  • Is long lived

  • Is consistent in every detail

  • Should be environmentally friendly

  • Is as little design as possible

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